2946-06-12 - Upcoming Events: Sovanna Rostami at Sheridan Amphitheater

Sovanna Rostami, host of the special Feedback Loop episodes of the Cosmic Background vidcast, will be hosting a live edition of her Feedback Loop program from the Sheridan Amphitheater in Granville on Planet at Centauri on 2946-07-03 for the benefit of the New Rheims Relief Fund. The event will start at 1:6:00 local time, and run approximately two hours. Event tickets can be purchased from the venue's datasphere hub or at the venue directly starting tomorrow (06-13), and this event is expected to sell out.

The show will be recorded and included in its entirety in a Feedback Loop vidcast episode.

If you cannot attend but wish to donate to the NRRF independently, they are accepting credit donations as well as in-kind support on their datasphere hub.