2946-07-02 - Upcoming Events: Upcoming Events: Feedback Loop Live Show Benefiting NRRF

Sovanna Rostami's live edition of Feedback Loop at Sheridan Amphitheater will take place tomorrow night, starting at 1:6:00 local time. The show is sold out, but the venue is selling virtual attendance passes on its datasphere hub. As with regular ticket sales, the proceeds from a purchase of a virtual attendance pass will go to the New Rheims Relief Fund.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all the members of the Cosmic Background community who donated to the NRRF or reached out to help the distressed people of New Rheims in kind. For every hundred credits tomorrow's event has raised for this cause, NRRF estimates that independent donations and in-kind aid from our audience has provided about two thousand credits. We'd also like to extend particular thanks to the crews of the Neha Pierno, the Pitambara, and the Myzka 61, who have been working tirelessly to evacuate the affected population to safety on Bellerose. It's projected that the entire populaiton of New Rheims will be evacuated in time, largely due to the efforts of these three super-haulers and their crews. Evidently, there are Cosmic Background audience-members on all three crews, including the captain of Pitambara, Thais Mag Uidhir.