2946-11-02 - Upcoming Events: Cosmic Background Team at Planetfall Day Festival

The Cosmic Background team will be attending the 693rd Planetfall Day celebrations this year in Yaxkin City, Planet, Centauri. While the team will be attending a number of events on the day of the event in both private and professional capacities, Ashton Pesarisi, Sovanna Rostami, and Duncan Chaudri will be holding a Cosmic Background meet-up at the historic Thompsett Tavern at 2:4:00 local time. There is no entrance fee, but the venue has a maximum capacity of about 200 persons.

The meet-up is expected to last until the Hour of Darkness, which usually starts around 2:7:30 local time.

For those of our audience in nearby systems who might not have the holiday schedule of Centauri committed to memory, the Planetfall Day celebration falls on the Standard Calendar date of 11 December this year.