2946-07-06 - Special Announcement: Interview With Delegate Nisi-Bonn

Tomorrow's vidcast episode features a special interview with Delegate Sylja Nisi-Bonn of Mars, chairing the New Rheims Investigation in Confederated Congress. Topics covered during this interview will include the investigation, but will also cover the delegate's effort to secure one of the newly opened frontier worlds as an Atro'me enclave, to increase the percentage of Navy budget earmarked for frontier exploration and security, and to continue the trade embargo of the Rahl Hegemony.

The interview is expected to fill the entire time of the episode. Ashton has prearranged the sorts of topics to be covered, but not the specific questions to be asked, with Delegate Nisi-Bonn's staff.

As there are no special episodes planned for tomorrow, this will have no effect on the show schedule over the next few days.