2947-06-26 - Notice: Cosmic Background Coverage of the Sagittarius War

With Admiral Tosi's announcement that the Navy considers the Sagittarius Frontier to be a theatre of war and a declaration of war aims working its way through Confederated Parliament, Cosmic Background Studios has decided to accept an Admiralty offer of embedded reporting with the Fifth Fleet.

The obvious choice to lead the embed is our own Sovanna Rostami, but she has recently experienced a medical scare which makes us all hesitant to ship her off with the Navy into a war zone. Other notable personalities both inside and outside our organization have come forward to volunteer for this role, making our final decision a very challenging one.

While we will continue to provide variety entertainment on our vidcast episodes, we will be replacing some of our content with war coverage for the duration of hostilities. On the vidcast episodes, we will be replacing the Mercenary Logs and Accidental Legend feature segments with update segments recorded by our team with the Fifth Fleet. The weekly Tales from the Inbox text feed series will be on hold for the duration of hostilities, to be replaced with a compelling story culled from the fleet's records. Obviously, we will be working with Naval Intelligence to make sure no secret information is released.

As the loss of Tales from the Inbox might indicate to most of you, we have decided that Duncan Chaudhri will lead the embed team, as he is nearer to the Fifth Fleet's current headquarters than any of our other leading personalities. He won't, of course, be handling this big job alone - datasphere legend and veteran explorer Nojus Brand has agreed to work on contract as Duncan's partner for the duration of the embed assignment. Their support team behind the scenes will be composed of Sadie Leclerc, Koloman Gotti, and Toal Yoxall, three experienced multimedia techs who have been working with us in various behind the scenes roles for some time.

We're excited to see the reporting this team can bring to Cosmic Background.