2946-06-07 - Upcoming Events: Ashton Pesaresi at CBCP Centauri

Cosmic Background host Ashton Pesaresi will participate in several panels in October during CBCP Centauri, which is being hosted this year on the campus of Baumgartner University in the city of Pele. He will participate in the following panels at the convention:

  • 2946-10-03 (Monday) The Interstellar Community as an Audience - Back by popular demand, this panel was hosted by the same group last year. Several members of the datasphere media talk about the pros and cons of interstellar professionals as an audience, about how to turn a profit when producing media for this audience, and of course some of the unexpected and sometimes amusing consequences of having an audience spread throughout explored space.
  • 2946-10-05 (Wednesday) Programming Choices For Live and Archive - The debate still rages as it has since the Second Dark Age: should an entertainer design content for the consumer who ingests it in real-time (or shortly thereafter), or should the consumer who ingests vast quantities of past content from the archive be the intended audience? Is there a good way to harmonize these two audiences? Learn how the personalities behind some of Centauri's most popular vidcasts have handled this balance for their own programming, and how they think those decisions are affected by tight economic conditions and an era of increasing youth migration to the Frontiers.
  • 2946-10-07 (Friday) Growing Your Off-Planet Audience - As technology gradually decreases the cost and latency of retrieving data from light-years away, the value of an audience which can only access your content via hypercast relay increases. Learn how to maximize your chances of acquiring an audience on other inhabited worlds, both in the Core Worlds and elsewhere, from the professionals who have, by accident or design, done it themselves.

Entry passes to the yearly Convention of Broadcast Professionals can be reserved on the organizers' datasphere hub. The convention is not sold out, but its organizers estimate that it will be sold out within five days. If you wish to meet Ashton at the convention and hear his thoughts on any of the above topics, you are advised to reserve a pass as soon as possible. Their hub also contains information about other aspects of the event, including full lists of all panels and other programming.